The Intrapreneurship Ecosystem

Apr 16, 2018 12:00 - 13:30 EDT
TBC, New York, NY, USA

Like entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, social intrapreneurs are more likely to succeed within a healthy innovation ecosystem. The League of Intrapreneurs and Business Fights Poverty together with the UK's Department for International Development have launched a research challenge to understand the conditions for success and provide practical tools and examples for companies seeking to up their game on delivering the SDGs. 

We have developed a ‘living framework' to begin codifying the intrapreneurship ecosystem and have started compiling case examples into which we plan to deep dive to learn more about what’s working, not and what more is needed. 

Are you working to drive meaningful impact on the SDGs from within an existing company?

Would you like to learn from others pioneering new approaches?

Perhaps you are breaking new ground and would like to share / stress test your learnings?

Please join us for an afternoon of learning with purpose-led companies and individuals who are prototyping new methods and models to unlock social innovation and intrapreneurship.

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