Learning Sprint #1: Enabling Environments & The Intrapreneurship Ecosystem

Apr 26, 2018 00:00 - 23:00 UTC

How can we move beyond serendipity and create cultures that foster intrapreneurship with impact? What is your organization doing (or not doing) to support an innovative, intrapreneurship-friendly ecosystem? We'll be exploring these questions and more for our first 24-hour Global Hive Mind, an online space to share knowledge, opinions and our collective intelligence.

What happens at this event/how do I participate?

All you have to do is log in to the League community platform, go to Groups, then, Learning Sprint #1 and join the conversation: You can share something you've read or experienced about the topic or ask questions to deepen your understanding - it's totally up to you. The purpose of the Hive Mind is to come together with our unique knowledge, experience, and perspectives to learn and grow. The event runs over 24-hours so no matter which time zone you're participating from, you'll be able to contribute. 

What is a Hive Mind?

Every month the League participates in an online four-day Learning Sprint. From Monday to Wednesday, the League shares a provocation on a chosen topic (Members are invited to share provocations as well if they'd like). And then on Thursday, the entire global community is invited to participate in a 24-hour debate and conversation on the topic, exploring questions and learnings in more depth (we call this a 24-hour Hive Mind).

Our online Learning Sprints are a great way to gain insights into a particular topic or issue relating to intrapreneurship - it's also a fun way to connect with like-minded professionals in the League network. 

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